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Polling for SGC and monetary unions

The Single Global Currency Assn. has sponsored three polls through  Zogby International to evaluate the level of support for the Single Global Currency.  So far, the polls have been conducted only in the U.S., but they will be conducted worldwide, when the Association can pay for them.

In each poll, about 1,200 Americans were asked their opinion of a single global currency, with the following question:

  Some financial leaders have proposed using a single global currency, where all of the people in the world would use the same money. They argue that this would eliminate currency trading costs, currency risks, currency misalignments and currency crises; thereby substantially boosting world prosperity. Would you strongly favor, somewhat favor, somewhat oppose, or strongly oppose a single global currency, where all the people of the world would use the same money?

The results were categorized into five categories:  Strongly favor, Somewhat favor, Somewhat Oppose, Strongly Oppose, and Not Sure.

Below are the results for the first three polls.

  Strongly Favor Somewhat Favor Somewhat Oppose Strongly Oppose Not Sure   Total in Favor Total Opposed
Nov. 2003 9% 19% 17% 42% 12%   28% 59%
April 2004 9% 16% 19% 47% 10%   25% 66%
Dec 2004 11% 14% 18% 48% 9%   25% 66%

2000. World Public Opinion Poll/PIPA (Program on International Policy Attitudes) Poll on Global Central Bank.
PIPA asked this question:

Q91. Right now every country has a central bank that helps regulate the national economy by loaning money, stabilizing currencies and setting monetary policy. Some people say that there should also be a central bank to regulate the global economy. Here are two positions on this issue. Which one comes closer to your view? [random reverse order] A. The US economy is more and more reliant on the world. The painful economic crisis in Asia shows how much we need a global central bank to help keep stability in the international economy. B. A global central bank would just be another ineffective bureaucracy. The market will naturally bring stability to the international economy without outside intervention.

Statement A 40%

Statement B  52%

Don’t Know Refused  8%