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What’s been said by Organizations

As organizations commit their support to the Single Global Currency, their names and their statements will be added here.

Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education

by Larry Parks, Executive Director, by email, 28 October 2005

    Yes, we absolutely confirm the desirability of a world currency. The open issue is what is that currency going to be. Will it be some irredeemable-fiat-created-out-of-nothing currency fostered on the public by legal tender laws, or will it be the free market choice, which is gold? Because fiat currencies can be created without limit, there can be no property rights, i.e., such "property" is subject to dilution, aka debasement, by the "authorities."
    As I know you understand, there is a great deal of disinformation and misinformation in regard to this. The financial sector wants very badly a fiat system, because it allows financial people to profit unfathomably. Unfortunately for ordinary people, such a system facilitates wealth transfer to the financial sector, to the detriment of everyone else.
    All of these issues need to be revisited, and there are very few on the planet that even know to raise them.