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As with any social or political movement, we need to influence others to take action to achieve our goal.

This section has a few ideas for influencing others at different governmental levels and to the media.

1. WRITE LETTERS.  Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper or magazine about the need for a single global currency, and the benefits to the world with its implementation.  As an initial step, urging your country to join a monetary union is a first step.  As more countries de-link their currency from their national governments the path to a single global currency will be eased.

2.  WRITE TO REPRESENTATIVES.  Write to your political representatives to urge their adoption of a RESOLUTION in support of the Single Global Currency.

3. FORM A LOCAL CHAPTER.   Form a local chapter of the Single Global Currency Association.  Any person or group can form a local chapter of the Single Global Currency Association.  Local chapters are encouraged to meet regularly, sponsor discussions and conferences, and other means to promote the implementation of the Single Global Currency.