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Proposed to Goal

Proposed Schedule to the goal of 2025

This schedule is proposed to add realism to the idea that the goal of a single global currency is achievable by the year 2025. When proposed by Prof. Richard Cooper in 1984, he projected a 25 year schedule, which would have brought us to 2009.


One or more conferences around the world on the Single Global Currency.  

A schedule of targets is agreed upon for all the countries or perhaps some in various regions.

The decision process for the name of the new single global currency is launched.

In May, 2004, 10 additional countries will be joining the 15 members of the EU, for a total of 25.  Among the terms of accession is the requirement that these 10 adopt the euro, after meeting certain fiscal conditions.

2005 January 1: the name of the new currency is picked at the stroke of midnight, December 31, 2004.

Targets met as scheduled at the 2004 conference and at subsequent annual conferences.

Number of currencies in the world continues to drop as monetary unions grow.

The countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council plan to complete their monetary union.
2009 Richard Cooper’s predicted implementation date for single currency (a 25 year prediction from 1984 article.)
2010 The GCC countries plan to launch their new currency.
2018 The Economist’s predicted year of implementation of single global currency, at least among most industrialized nations. In 1988, the Economist predicted the use of a single global currency within 30 years.
2023 January 1: The new currency is ready for use in electronic transactions.
2025 January 1: All transactions around the world may be conducted with the new global currency

May 1: After this date all old currencies no longer valid for commercial transactions but they may be converted into the new global currency at specified bank locations within each participating country.

Currency risk ends and asset values continue to rise.