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Latest Zogby Poll in U.S. shows 25% support for SGC.

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(04-20-2004) Latest Zogby Poll in U.S. shows 25% support for SGC.
The Zogby Int’l Polling Org. asks semi-annually for views on single global currency with April 04 results: Strongly favor(9%), Somewhat favor(16%), Somewhat oppose(19%), Strongly oppose (47%), Not Sure (10%). See ZOGBY polling for SGC page in this section.

This Section contains, in the tabbed page "Latest News", current information about the Single Global Currency and the SGCA organization. 

"Upcoming Events" contains news of upcoming conferences and meetings and other events related to monetary unions around the world.

If there is information that you believe could or should be listed here, please send to [email protected] and we will post it.