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    Anyone in the world who believes that the world should move as soon as possible to a Single Global Currency, managed by a Global Central Bank within a Global Monetary Union can become a member of the Single Global Currency Association.  Simply send an email to MEMBERSHIPFor more information about the Association see our HOME PAGE.

A list of the current members, worldwide, appears in the ABOUT US section.



All contributions are welcome – in any currency.

For those who can contribute money, we welcome annual contributions at four levels, "Supporter", "Contributor", "Sustainer" and "Benefactor". 

“Supporter Memberships” are 20.24 dollars or 20.24 pounds annually, or 20.24 euros or 2024 yen or 20.24 times whatever is required in local currency to purchase a 1/2 kilogram loaf of bread.

Potential members can see that these contribution levels do not all have the same value at the current exchange rate equivalents. That’s intentional, as it illustrates the unnecessary and unproductive burden of foreign currency values and exchanges.

“Contributor members” may join at the rate of 202.40 dollars or 202.40 pounds, or 202.40 euros or 20,240 yen or 202.40 times whatever it takes in local currency to purchase a 1/2 kilogram loaf of bread.

For “Sustainer Members”, the threshhold contribution is 2,024 dollars, pounds or euros or 202,400 yen.

For “Benefactor Members”, the suggested contribution is 20,240 dollars, pounds or euros or 2,024,000 yen.


Funds are needed:

– for building the web-site into a tool for the millions of people

  around the world who see, or will see, that their work and wealth   will be enhanced by the use of a single global currency.

– for the upcoming worldwide Internet nomination and selection process for a name for the Single Global Currency.

– for the Annual Single Global Currency Conferences.  See SGC Annual Conference for  more information.

– for polling, outreach to economists and the media, and

  establishment of new chapters of the SGCA around the world.

– for sponsoring research and writing about the Single Global    



How to make a contribution:

Cash or checks can be sent to:

Single Global Currency Assn.

P.O. Box 390

Newcastle, ME 04553  USA

PayPal or via major Credit Cards:

For those with PayPal accounts AND for those who wish to contribute with a major credit card, Click on the PayPal icon below:

For PayPal account holders, enter the type of currency and amount. The "Payment For:" box might be "contribution" or "books".

For those without PayPal accounts, click on the appropriate icon and make a payment with a major credit card.

To give via, click on Icon below:


To Give Via

For members of GoldMoney, funds may be  clicked to our account with name:  Single Global Currency. 


Contributions are Tax-Deductible:

The Single Global Currency Association is a non-profit Maine corporation, and has been certified for tax-deductible status under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.