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Latest Zogby Poll in U.S. shows 25% support for SGC.

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All contributions are welcome – in any currency.

We have annual memberships at four levels, with the “Supporter Members” at 20.03 dollars or 20.03 pounds, or 20.03 euros or 2030 yen or 20.03 times whatever it takes in local currency to purchase a 1/2 kilogram loaf of bread.

Potential members can see that these fees do not all have the same value at the current exchange rate equivalents. That’s intentional, as it illustrates the unnecessary and unproductive burden of foreign currency values and exchanges.

“Contributor members” may join at the rate of 200.30 dollars or 200.30 pounds, or 200.30 euros or 20,3000 yen or 200.30 times whatever it takes in local currency to purchase a 1/2 kilogram loaf of bread.

For “Sustainer Members”, the fee is 2,003 dollars, pounds or euros or 200,300 yen.

For “Benefactor Members”, the fee is 20,003 dollars, pounds or euros or 2,003,000 yen.

In 2004, the rates will increase to 20.04, 200.40 and 2004 units at all levels, respectively, as that is the approximate level of inflation (.05%) expected to be permitted by the proposed international central bank.

Funds are needed for building the web-site into a tool for the millions of people around the world who see, or will see, that their work and wealth will be enhanced by the use of a single global currency.

Also, funds are needed to help sponsor a conference on the single global currency in 2004 at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, the site of the 1944 monetary conference which established the post-World War II monetary standards and the International Monetary Fund. 


Contributions can be sent to:

Single Global Currency Assn.

P.O. Box 390

Newcastle, ME 04553  USA

We plan to list contributors’ names and countries on this web site, but if you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate that.  Also, if you want to receive email updates, please give us your email address.


The Single Global Currency Association is a non-profit Maine corporation and we are applying for tax-deductible status under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.