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Latest Zogby Poll in U.S. shows 25% support for SGC.

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Would you strongly favor, somewhat favor, somewhat oppose, or strongly oppose a single global currency, where all the people of the world would use the same money?

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To the Media

The media’s obligation is to inform, but it helps the media to know what interests the people. If the media learn that the people are interested in learning more about the future with a single global currency, then more articles and broadcasts about currency will be seen.

  • Write your local newspaper and tell the Editor why you think the world should move to implement a single global currency. Ask the Editor(s) to cover more fully the increasing number of stories about countries adopting the currency of another country or group of countries.
  • Write to your local newspaper and ask the paper to do a story about local attitudes toward a single global currency. Perhaps a poll could be conducted.
  • Write to a national newspaper in your country and ask the same questions.
  • Ask the local radio and TV stations to cover the issues of local currencies and their fluctuations and effects on real people. Ask them to cover the prospect of a single global currency. Perhaps they could interview an Economics Professor at a local college or university, or a local businessperson who exports goods or services, or even a local person who simply travels to other countries