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(If the Single Global Currency Association raises a total of $5million over the next 20 years to finance its programs, and if its efforts accelerate the the implementation of the Single Global Currency by just one month, and thereby saves the world (or increases the value of assets) for that one month by $33billion, then the return on the entire $5million "invested" by contributors comes to a return of 666,000%. That’s six hundred thousand percent, and the first year monthly benefit is estimated conservatively.)



SUPPORTERS (at or above the "20" level, in calendar year.)

    20.03 USD, U.S., Chris Harte, 8/15/03

    20.03 USD, U.S., Barbara Bump, 8/17/03

    20.03 USD, U.S., Louise Rochester, 10/2/03

    20.04 USD, U.S., Cynthia Tourte, 1/2/04

    20.04 USD, Hong Kong, Marc Wathen, 1/6/04

    20.04 USD, U.S., Robert Scofield, 1/6/04

    20.04 USD, U.S. Donald Tourte, 1/7/04

    25.00 USD, U.S., Ron Stauble, 1/9/04

    40.08 USD, U.S., Ron Remy, 2/9/04

    20.04 USD, U.K., Christopher H.Budd, 7/9/04

  155.75 USD, U.S., Maine Hosting Solutions (fee reduction


    20.05 USD, Hong Kong, Marc Wathen, 1/10/05

    20.50 USD, U.S. (via Paypal), Stefan Krause, 2/4/05

     20.06 USD, Hong Kong, (via paypal) Marc Wathen, 1/1/06

    20.06 USD, U.S., (via PayPal), Nathan Larson, 1/17/06

    20.06 USD, U.K., (via PayPal) J. Collis Gretton, 8/20/06

  100.00 USD, Australia, The Selvajothy & Alagiah Foundation,   


    20.07 USD, Hong Kong, (via PayPal) Marc Wathen, 1/11/07

    40.00 USD, U.S. Stefan Krause, 3/09/08

    55.00 GBP, U.K., (via PayPal), J. Collis Gretton, 4/8/08

    25.25 USD, U.S. Randy Anderson, 5/9/08

    20.00 USD, Pakistan, Joseph Pereira 5/20/08

    20.24 USD, U.S. Tony Keith, 3/10/09

CONTRIBUTORS (at or above the "200" level, in calendar   


   250.00 USD, U.S., as gold equivalent on date, 7/9/04 (redeemed in December

      2005 for 360.00 USD)

1,000 USD, U.S., Morrison Bonpasse, 2/1/05

1,000 USD, U.S., John Pozzi, 7/20/05

   500 USD, U.S., Randolph Associates, 12/1/07

    200.00 USD, Australia, The Selvajothy & Alagiah Foundation,   

           4/6/08 (via PayPal)

SUSTAINERS (at or above the "2,000" level, in calendar


2,000 USD, U.S. Morrison Bonpasse, 7/1/03

2,000 USD, U.S. Morrison Bonpasse, 7/1/04

3,000 USD, U.S. Morrison Bonpasse, 7/1/05

4,000 USD, U.S. Morrison Bonpasse, 7/1/06

5,000 USD, U.S. Morrison Bonpasse, 7/1/07


BENEFACTORS (at or above the "20,000" level, in calendar




(Please make a contribution and have your company listed here as an investor in a stable monetary future.)

Maine Hosting Solutions, Bath Maine – (web hosting, web design and web promotion. )

                 "Serving Maine Businesses since 1996   

                  Superior Network – Superior Reliability"

The Selvajothy & Alagiah Foundation, Australia.

    has committed to an annual contribution of $100.00 USD


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