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Latest Zogby Poll in U.S. shows 25% support for SGC.

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The Single Global Currency Assn. seeks to mobilize the people, the media, organizations, and the governments of the world toward implementation of a single global currency. That’s not an easy task, and it will take time.

What can you do?

In the "Reach Out" sections, there are names and addresses of people and organization to whom you can write. In addition, you can:

  – read about the goal of a Single Global Currency by reading books and

    articles linked or cited in this web site.

  – read about the euro and how it was established and how it is expanding.

  – ask your friends, relatives and neighbors what they think about a future with a

    Single Global Currency. Ask when they think it will be implemented. What

    would they think about dropping their current national currency and adopting

    another one, just as did the people of the 12 euro countries and the people of  

    Ecuador , El Salvador and Panama .

  – Send ideas to us at the Single Global Currency Assn. about what the

    organization can do, or do more.  Send to

    [email protected]

Are you an economist?

If so, please consider adding your name to the list of supporters of the SGCA’s letter to the Finance Ministers of the OECD countries, which proposes a conference to begin planning for the single global currency.   See the letter at "News and Events", "Latest News – 6 September".   To add your name send email to [email protected].