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Stable Currency: A Fundamental Human Right

The world has made considerable progress in identifying fundamental human rights, such as the right to practice one’s religion.

Along with others, there should be a fundamental human right to a stable currency, where people have the ability to Earn, Save, Invest and Spend stable money.

This human right does not require government expenditures to protect, but it does require government and central bank practices which keep inflation to a low level, such as 2%. Allowing inflation to rise above 4% could be said to violate the human right to a stable currency.

Allowing inflation grow at greater than 4% is to deprive many people of their property without just compensation.

Establishing a single global currency, with a global central bank with a representative governing structure, is the only way to ensure the people’s right to a stable currency. The current and historic system of multiple currencies, transferable through an exchange rate system is so susceptible to large fluctuations of value as to deny hundrends of millions of people their fundamental right to a stable currency.