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Feedback on SGC Names

Please send your suggestions for names for the proposed single global currency, or vote for an existing proposal, in email to:

Single Global Currency Association.

We have no budget for the winner of this “contest” but can assure you that fame and fortune will come to the person(s) who propose a name which is adopted by the world for its new currency.

Of course, there is no assurance that a world conference will adopt a name proposed here, but one never knows.

Listed below are proposals for the name of the future Single Global Currency. 


Akmetal proposed by Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev on 14 March 2009.
Alitinonfo proposed by Gasparo Scaruffi in the 16th century, according to Robert Mundell at the 2000 IMF conference
Arcturian dollar As named by science fiction writer Douglas Adams in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and nominated by Gabriel Villasenor of Mexico, March, 2009.
Ard for subunits (instead of cents), by Sharjil Neshat, 10 July 2007.  See his comment on Facebook supporting Mondo or Mundo, too
Au "The currency shoul be called “Au” since gold has always been #1 currency base and Au is the universal elemental name for gold."  from Bart Larsen, Washington State, USA. 23 November 2012
Aura Aurum is the Latin word for gold. Gold has been used as a form of wealth and currency for thousands of years. by Erik Elbieh, age 16,on the United Future World Currency website. 2 April 2012.
Bancor proposed by John Maynard Keynes at Bretton Woods Conference in 1944
Buck by David Smartt, US.
Cosmos by Professor Ramon Tamames, Madrid Autonomous Univ.
Credit proposed by Enrique Varona, in email 13 February 2011.
Credits proposed by SGCA member, Tom Koltai, of Australia in email of 4 December 2010.

for dollar-euro-yen as proposed by Robert Mundell, June 2003 at Santa Columba conference.

Dravya proposed by Ankur Bhardwaj of Mumbai, India in email, 31 July 2010.  In Sanskrit, Dravya means Money, Wealth, Property, Liquid (as in ‘liquid asset’) and Matter.
Earth proposed by Artis Walk of Lisbon, Portugal in email, 19 April 2009.
Eartha Morrison Bonpasse, June 2003
Eartho Morrison Bonpasse, April 2014 (either Eartha or Eartho)
ECO "means ecology and economy which is significant element for humankind and the earth" by Chikara Furuya, Japan,  in email to SGCA, August 2009.
ECU for Earth Currency Unit, by Jean-Marie Rault, August, 2008. (Note, this was also the name for the pre-euro currency, for European Currency Unit.)
Ecumene Ksenia Serbina on behalf of Vladimir Serbin, meaning "the whole populated universe since Greco-Roman times." in email to the Single Global Currency Assn. March 2009.
esperanza by Kenichi Ohmae, 2001, at UCLA.
Galacto by European UFO followers.
Geo Charles Goldfinger in e-article: "Money and economy: Electronic Money and intangible economy"
Geo Yuan by Huang He, in email 8 October 2012. “I named my virtual currency is Geo Yuan. Yuan is a Chinese word means ‘beginning’.”  See DESIGN.
GEU Global Economic Unit  John Linnemeier, United States, 2012.  Email to SGCA, January, 2012.

Jennie Johnson, Sheepscot Road, Newcastle, June 2003

Uwe Raab, Deutschland "der Global" 2008

Grzegorz Kolodko, former Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, in article in The Globalist., 4 March 2010.

Globar For "Global  Dollars" and bars of gold, by Thaksin Shinawatra in the Financial Times, 6 October 2008, in article, “An Asia bond could save us from the dollar”

Chris Harte, Portland, Maine USA., June 2003

Bruce Sterling, Fortune Magazine, March 6, 2000, "A letter from 2035".

Biswanath Ramachandra Champa Swapnaji Taslima Voltair, India, Aug 2003.  See website of his political party, Green-Globalists, in India.

William Steding, independently in graduate paper, "The Globo," at Norwich University, Vermont, US, 2008.

Harmoney by Prof. Judy Shelton, Duxx.
Helio Gabriel Villasenor of Mexico, March 2009.
IKON Robert Pringle, in his article, “The World Needs a New Currency” in the Christian Science Monitor. 
Intor by Robert Mundell, in 1961 article, “A Theory of Optimum Currency Areas” in American Economic Review.
Mondo by Pierre Werner, one of the founders of the Euro, from the Latin word for "world".  In The Economist, 6 July 2002.
Mono by Daniel Salomon, of Europe, May 2009.   He also submitted a DESIGN for the Mono.
Mundo Morrison Bonpasse, June 2003
Omnit Jana Turner, Birmingham, Alabama.  "as in omneity, or collectivity: undividedness"  9 January 2005.
Only by INCIDE, a British Corporation, and the "Only" is a registered trademark. (See Give Feedback – Designs)
Phoenix as proposed in The Economist in 1988.
SGC pronounced SiGiC, for Single Global Currency, and Stable Global Currency.  by Morrison Bonpasse, 2006, 2013.
Sol Gabriel Villasenor of Mexico, March 2009 . Translated from Spanish to English as "sun".
Sosyc Gabriel Villasenor of Mexico, March 2009, for SOlar SYstem Currency.
SPEDRI From Duane Higgins of the U.S., Feb, 2013 in email to SGCA.  The name is derived from of SDR (SPEcial Drawing  RIghts.
Terra by John Psinas.
Terran Ron Remy, Newcastle, Maine, June 2003, from the Latin for "earth"
TWX For Trade Weighted Exchange by Erik Hare in the article, “Is the world ready for a global currency?” at the Minnesota "Blog Cabin."
UMU by David Smartt, US, for "universal monetary unit"
UNA Tom L. Brown in e-article, “The UNA”: Destined To Replace Even The Pound And The Dollar?" with futuristic date of 2063
UND for UN Dollar or UN DEY.  Following Robert Mundell’s lead, DEY (above) could be derived from six currencies (Dollar/Dinar/Dirham, Euro  & Yen/Yuan).  Proposed by Syed Qasim of India in email from Dubai-UAE residence, 18 Feb. 2012
UNI For energy-based Universal Currency.  As proposed by Mattias Larson of Sweden in EMAIL to SGCA on March 9, 2012.  See IMAGES. See also Living Art with AWASH WITH UNI BILLS.
UNIT United Nations International Transactor – from Roy Van Til, Colby College, email to Single Global Currency Assn. June, 2003.
Unitas by Harry Dexter White of the U.S., at Bretton Woods.
UNO by Rainer Esslen in Letter to Int. Herald Tribune, 1994.

(for Utopian), by Mary Malliaris, at the Single Global Currency Conference, Bretton Woods, 2007.

WCU World Currency Unit  Uwe Raab, Deutschland, 2008
WEU World Economic Unit  John Linnemeier, United States, 2004.  Email to SGCA, December 2011.
WOCU WOrld Currency Unit. Currently administered by WOCU, Ltd. of London, as a "derivative currency basket," of 16 major currencies.
Worldo David Standish, JSonline, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/6/2002 in article Bills sport nations’ selling points.