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Feedback on SGC Names

Please send your suggestions for names for the proposed single global currency, or vote for an existing proposal, in email to: [email protected]Voting is by email to help ensure that one person gets one vote.

We have no budget for the winner of this “contest” but can assure you that fame and fortune will come to the person(s) who propose a name which is adopted by the world for its new currency.

Of course, there is no assurance that a world conference will adopt a name proposed here, but one never knows.

Altifono proposed by Scaruffi in the 16th century, according to Robert Mundell at the 2000 IMF conference
Bancor proposed by John Maynard Keynes at Bretton Woods Conference in 1944
Eartha morrison bonpasse, June 2003
Geo Charles Goldfinger in e-article: "Money and economy: Electronic Money and intangible economy"
Global Jennie Johnson, Sheepscot Road, Newcastle, June 2003

Chris Harte, Portland, Maine USA., June 2003

Bruce Sterling, Fortune Magazine, March 6, 2000, A letter from 2035

Biswanath Ramachandra Champa Swapnaji Taslima Voltair, India, Aug 2003.  See website of his political party, Green-Globalists, in India.

Intor by Robert Mundell, in 1961 article, "A Theory of Optimum Currency Areas" in Americn Economic Review.
Mondo by Pierre Werner, one of the founders of the Euro
Mundo morrison bonpasse, June 2003
Terran Ron Remy, Newcastle, June 2003
UNA Tom L. Brown in e-article, “The UNA”: Destined To Replace Even The Pound And The Dollar?" with futuristic date of 2063
UNIT United Nations International Transactor – from Roy Van Til, Colby, email to Single Global Currency Assn. June, 2003.
Worldo David Standish, JSonline, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/6/2002 in article Bills sport nations’ selling points.