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Latest Zogby Poll in U.S. shows 25% support for SGC.

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The Single Global Currency Association will maintain two ratings for the views of economists and others with a published interest in the issues relating to the single global currency.  The economists were identified through their published writings on such issues as exchange rates, currency systems or monetary unions.

The ratings will be for the Utility and Feasibility of the single global currency.    

The initial ratings on this site are given on the basis of responses provided to the Single Global Currency Association by the the 600+ economists and others around the world to whom we sent a request to sign the 2003 "Letter to OECD Finance Ministers".   

In addition, letters are being sent to the 600+ economists specifically about the ratings and asking the economists to rate themselves according to the two criteria.   Over time, more self-rating requests will go to more economists as their views on currency related issues are published.

Whenever anyone wishes to have his/her ratings changed,  please send an email to [email protected]

Each person’s support of the Single Global Currency is rated along two criteria: Utility of the single global currency and Feasibility, according to the scales below. 

For Utility, the scale  goes from "Very Useful" with a "5" rating, to "Very Harmful" with a "-5" rating.  

For Feasibility, the scale goes from "5" for the year 2025, to later years to "Will never happen" with a score of "0" or zero.  The rating is for an estimate of when the economist would WANT and likely SEE the implementaion of a single global currency.    Thus, if an economist does not believe that the single global currency would be useful, it is assumed that s/he would not WANT it to be implemented; and the rating would be zero. 

Then the ratings are totaled.    The lowest possible total score is -5, with a -5 for Utility and 0 for Feasibility.   The highest score is 10, with a 5 for Utility and 5 for Feasibility.  The lowest possible rating is -5, with -5 for Utility and 0 for Feasibility.

Those who authorized the OECD letter have ratings of 10.


5     4     3     2     1     0    -1    -2     -3   -4    -5
Very Useful    Useful    No Utility    Harmful    Very Harmful

FEASIBILITY – Start Planning now for the Single Global Currency in….

5        4        3        2        1        0
2025   2050      2075     2100    2125    Will never Happen