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Latest Zogby Poll in U.S. shows 25% support for SGC.

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This book by John Edmunds and John Marthinsen of Babson College shows that asset values increase in countries which decrease their currency risk by joining in a monetary union with other countries. They use the United States of America, with its 50 states, and of the formation of the state of Germany in the 19th century as two examples of monetary union.  Advantages come to monetary unions of even two countries. Robert Guttmann, of Hofstra Univesity, explains the remarkable development of electronic money, culminating in “cybercash” which can be used on line almost exactly like cash offline. For example, the best cybercash can be used in small amounts and can be stored for later use. Cybercash will be part of the single global currency.  In 1994, Guttmann wrote "How Credit-Money shapes the Economy – The United States in a Global System" which advocated for the SGC.