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Errors and Corrections – On this Page are listed errors identified in each edition of The Single Global Currency – Common Cents for the World

Errors and Corrections.

2007 Edition

1. In the Bibliography, the first listing for Richard Cooper and the only listing for Groendahl, Boris, and Stella Dawson, were out of alphabetical order. (posted 061216)

2. On page 430, Manuel Hinds’s first name was spelled incorrectly, with an "a".  It was spelled correctly in the 2007 Addendum Endnote #90 at page 460. 


2006 Edition

1. Page 22.  The amount received on 27 December 2005 for my 20-dollar (CAD) Canadian bill was $16.20, and not $18.20.  As the Canadian dollar has, since then, risen in value to the USD, the error seems less consequential, but an error it was. (posted 060504)

2. Page 340.  Jeanette Poe’s first name is spelled with one ‘n’. (posted 060504)

3. Page 402.  In the Index, in the "U.S. Treasury" section, Harry Dexter White’s first name was omitted. (posted 060504)

4. Appendix D. Acknowledgments.  Future printings will recognize the contribution to the cover and bookmark design by David Higgins of Newcastle, Maine. (posted 060504)

5. Page 408.  The author had a wonderful "childhood" in Duxbury, Massachusetts, but not a "childhod". (posted 060705)

5. Page ii. The Copyright page incorrectly states that the ISBN number is 0977842657.  The correct number, as is stated on the back cover, is 0977842606.  Also on the back cover is the bar code for that number and the arabic and bar code version of the 13 character ISBN code.  (posted 060705)

6.  The Bookmark.  The first 270 copies of the book contained a currency-like bookmark with the Chinese character in the upper left hand column meaning "gold".  The character should have been the character for the number 10.  See new bookmark, which uses the design by Dominic Ip Hon-chung, a Visual Arts teacher at the Fanling Kau Yan College in Hong Kong. (posted 060705)