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Single Global Currency Association

The Single Global Currency Association was incorporated in June, 2003 in the U.S. State of Maine.  Morrison Bonpasse is the first President of the Association, with his term running through 2015.   He publicly declared his support for the Single Global Currency during his campaign for State Representative in 2002.  The letter was published on October 17, 2002 by the Wiscasset Newspaper in Wiscasset, Maine, and is available at Letter to Wiscasset Newspaper  .  Morrison can be reached at Morrison, and for his resume, click on resume.

Board of Directors:

    Morrison Bonpasse – United States

    James W. Dean – Canada  (website)

    Theodore di Stefano  – United States (website) 

    John Edmunds – U.S.  (website)

    In Memoriam – Ratnam Alagiah (Director) – Australia.   

Board of Advisors:

     Harvey Arbelaez –  United States (website)

    Ingemar Bengtsson – Sverige (Sweden)

    Jose Luis Cordeiro – Venezuela (website)

    Gordon Davis – United States

    Dennis Dechaine – United States 

     Vivek Dehejia – India and Canada  (website)

     Christopher Gan  – New Zealand (website)

    Alex Gialanella – United States

     T.K. Jayaraman – Fiji Islands

    Tassos Malliaris – United States

     John Marthinsen – United States (website)

     Bala Ramasamy – Malaysia

     Hugo Narrillos Roux – Espana (Spain, EMU)

    Jeremy Slater – United Kingdom

     Ramon Tamames – Espana (Spain, EMU)

       Celali Yilmaz – Turkey

     Alexander Zampieron – United States

Currency-Area Chapters:

FACEBOOK:   Chaired/monitored by Marc Wathen (See below, Hong Kong.)


Single Global Currency – Central African Monetary Union (CAEMU)

Eric Boun Ntamark is a Lecturer at the University of Buea in Cameroon, and can be reached at: Eric

Single Global Currency – Egypt

Mohammed Ibrahim had his PhD and Masters in Economics from Ain shams University, and his two dissertations was about the possibility of reforming the international monetary system and the availability to move towards one single global currency.  He can be reached at: Mohammed

Single Global Currency – Ghana

Lawrence Krofah lives in Accra and can be reached at: Lawrence

Single Global Currency – Nigeria

Rahmat Olasumbo Oyewole is a Training and Development Manager in a Consulting firm in Nigeria and has a Master in Business Administration degree. Before her current position she previously worked as an assistant bank manager, after several promotions over 21 years.  She can be reached at Rahmat


Single Global Currency – China

MR.HUANG HE is 38 years old, married, and has a 6-year-old son. He is a graduate of Wuhan Textile University, and lives in Hangzhou City, in the southeast part of China, near Shanghai.  He has about 15 years international trade experience as the CEO of  and  He can be reached at Huang He

Single Global Currency – Hong Kong

Marc Wathen, from Maine, U.S., has worked and studied in the Asia-Pacific region (Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Hawaii, Saipan) for a long time and is currently a secondary school teacher in Hong Kong.  He is active in Democrats Abroad Hong Kong and strongly supports international social and criminal justice.

He can be reached at: MarcHe also chairs/monitors the FACEBOOK  chapter, online

Single Global Currency – India

Ankur Agarwal is an MBA student at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade at its Kolkata campus. (The other campus is in New Delhi.) He can be reached at Ankur

Single Global Currency – Malaysia

Ariivazhagan Supramaniam, of Kuala Lumpur is starting a chapter in Malaysia.  He is a futures trader and formerly traded in currencies.  Ari can be reached at: Ari 

Single Global Currency – Singapore/Brunei

Ghanesh Panambur Venkataraman (PV) is a mechanical engineer with global manufacturing expertise and works with and studies the global banking and currency world.  He can be reached at Ghanesh.


Single Global Currency – New Zealand

Christopher Gan is a professor at Lincoln University, Canterbury.  He teaches financial markets, institutions and policy, international finance, postgraduate commercial banking and applied research. He has published in several areas including resource and environmental economics, non-market valuation techniques, international trade, and Asian financial crisis.  Current research project includes the undervaluation of the Chinese yuan, a single currency for the ASEAN nations, the euro and lemons in the financial markets,

He can be reached at: Christopher.


Single Global Currency – United Kingdom

Collis Gretton has been a candidate for Parliament and is a supporter of U.K. membership in the Eurozone.    He can be reached at: Collis



Single Global Currency – Brasil

Fernando Lopes is pursuing his doctorate and working on his dissertation, "Unity in Diversity: The Function of Law in the implementation of a Single Global Currency."  He is also a co-founder of brazilian institute of economic criminal law IBDPE He can be reached at Fernando

Single Global Currency – Venezuela

Professor José Cordeiro teaches economics and futures studies at Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas. He has worked in several dollarization processes in Latin America and Eastern Europe.

He can be reached at: Jose.


Single Global Currency – Mexico

Gabriel Villasenor Sotelo is an inventor and a student in Mexico City. He can be reached at Gabriel



(including members of the Boards of Directors and Advisors and all contributors) All members are lifetime members.  They are listed with their currency areas and/or countries.  Email addresses are available by clicking on a member’s name, unless requested otherwise.

Mohammed Abrar – India

Ankit Agarwal – India

Ankur Agarwal – India

Gourav Agarwal – India

Shubham Agarwal – India

Mubaraq Tope Akere – Nigeria

Randy Anderson – United States

Kok Haoran Andy – Malaysia

Harvey Arbelaez –   United States (website)

Ashwini Asegaonkar – India

Mohammed Azizkhani, Finland

Hooshmand Badee – United Kingdom

Akant Baretha – India

Eberhard Bartelmess  – United Kingdom

Ingemar Bengtsson – Sverige (Sweden)

Samer Beyhum – Canada/Lebanon

Rahul Bhardwaj – India

Morrison Bonpasse – United States

Christopher H. Budd – United Kingdom

Antonio Carbonell – United States

Abhishek Chandan – India

Rishabh Chandra – India

Jose Luis Cordeiro – Venezuela (website)

Jose Maria Corredoira – Argentina

Gregory Dahl – United States and Bulgaria

Sixtilio Dalmau – Peru

Gordon Davis – United States

O.G. Dayaratna-Banda – Sri Lanka

James W. Dean – Canada  (website)

Dennis Dechaine – United States

Vivek Dehejia – India and Canada  (website)

Theodore di Stefano  – United States (website)

Frederic Chardon-Dubos – United States

John Edmunds – United States  (website)

Andrew Elder – United States

David Ffrench – European Monetary Union – Ireland

Chikara Furuya  – Japan

Christopher Gan  – New Zealand  (website)

Jeff Gates – United States

Alex Gialanella – United States

Zvika Greenberg – Israel

Collis GrettonUnited Kingdom

Peter Greenfinch – European Monetary Union – France

Prabhnoor Singh Grewal – India

Johanne Hanel  – European Monetary Union – Deutschland

Chris Harte – United States

Huang He  – China

John Huang – United States

Mohammed IbrahimEgypt

Syed Imtiaz – Pakistan

Garry Jacobs – India

Nitesh Jain – India

Peter Janzen – Canada

T.K. Jayaraman – Fiji Islands

Manish Jha – India

Dean Kanaan – United States

Lloyd Kaneko – United States

Anirban Kar – India

Tony Keith – United States

John Kero – United States

Paul Klaffenboeck – European Monetary Union – Osterreich

Joshua Keim – United States (website:

Tom Koltai – Australia

Vassilis Kopsacheilis  – European Monetary Union – Greece

Gopinathan Krishnan – India

Lawrence Krofah – Ghana

Pradeep Kumar – India

Deepak Kundu – India

Nathan Larson  – United States

John Linnemeier  – United States

Fernanco Lopes – Brasil (Brasil)

Aivar Maasik – Estonia

Abdullah Audu Malgwi – Nigeria

Mohit Malik – India

Tassos Malliaris – United States

John Marthinsen – United States  (website)

Allard Marx – United Kingdom

John Maselli – United States

George Miller – United States

Alfred Molison – United States

Daniel Moore – United States

Sharjil Neshat – Canada

Eric Boun Ntamark – Central African Monetary Union, Cameroon

Rahmat O Oyewole – Nigeria

Esteban Pero – European Monetary Union – Deutschland

Russell Perera – Sri Lanka and Canada

Peter Pogany – United States

Robin Pope –  Australia

John Pozzi – United States

Neeraj V Prasad – India

Ghanesh Panambur Venkataraman – Singapore

Mizan Rahman – Bangladesh

Praveen Chandra Rai – India

Bala Ramasamy – Malaysia

Brett Randolph – United States

Jean-Marie Rault – European Monetary Union – France

Farhad Rassekh – United States (website)

Ludwig Reinhard – Australia

Ron Remy – United States

Lee Robinson – Chile

Hugo Narrillos Roux – European Monetary Union, Espana (Spain)

Daniel Salomon  – European Monetary Union, Deutschland

Avi Shekel – Israel

Abhineet Singh – India

Jeremy Slater – United Kingdom

Edward Jay Schmidt – United States

Guillermo Siaira – Argentina

Karan Soni – India

Gabriel Villasenor Sotelo – Mexico

Nick Stage – United States

Ron Stauble – United States

William Steding – United States

Steven Stoffers – Thailand

Vinay Sumant – United States and India

Ariivazhagan Supramaniam– Mayaysia

Cynthia Tourte – United States

Donald Tourte – United States

Donny Tsui –  Australia

Ankur Vaish – India

Margaret Vanover  – United States

Nandi Varman – India

Bart N Velarde – United States

Marc Wathen – Hong Kong

G. Wehe – United States

Clive Willett – European Monetary Union – Cyprus

Timothy Williamson – United States

Danny Woititz – United States

Walter M. Wolf – United States

Michael (JinGe) Yu – Peoples Republic of China

Celali Yilmaz  – Turkey

David Yu – Peoples Republic of China

Alexander Zampieron – United States

John Zukoski – United States

127 Listed members as of 25 October 2013

104 Listed members as of 7 November 2011

70 Listed members as of 18 September 2008

  2 Members who requested not to have their names posted on

     this website.