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Single Global Currency Journal – Submissions

Notes for contributors


1. Single Global Currency Journal (SGCJ) is the international scholarly journal of the Single Global Currency Association (SGCA). It is devoted to the advancement of knowledge pertaining to a common currency. It also provides a forum for the publication of high quality research manuscripts. The journal emphasises openness and flexibility in regards the issues of a common currencies, in all its aspects, especially to do with paradigms, methodologies and styles of conducting research.


2. Submission of a paper will be held to imply that it is original work and that a significant part of it has not already been published.


3. Manuscripts ( four copies) are submitted on the understanding that:

     •  they will be subject to peer review;

     •  they are not submitted to another journal; and

     •  if they are accepted for publication, the author(s) will be  

          responsible for supplying camera-ready artwork (if any is

          required), and for revising the manuscript to conform with



4. Manuscripts are to be typed on one side of the page only, double-spaced, on A4 white paper, and with 3cm margins.


5. Manuscripts are to be arranged as follows:


    •  a cover sheet with name(s) and affiliation(s) of author(s),

         as well as an address for correspondence and contact

         telephone and fax number;


    •  the next page is to comprise a 100 – 150 word abstract of

         the paper, together with the title of the paper – but not

         the name(s) of the author(s) so as to retain the anonymity

         of the author(s) during the referring process; and


    •  the body of the manuscript.


6. Papers should not normally exceed 6,000 words. Short contributions are welcome.


7. As SGCJ Abstracts are listed in the SGCA Abstract database, such Abstracts are strictly limited to 150 words.


               Ratnam Alagiah