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Single Global Currency Journal – Mission


     The mission of the Single Global Currency Journal(SGCJ) is to promote rapid communication among all economists and others about issues related to the Single Global Currency. In so doing, the SGCJ believes that the full exploration of those issues will further the implementation of the Single Global Currency, the goal of the Single Global Currency Association – the sponsor of this journal.

   The SGCJ will publish original notes, comments, Letters to the Editor, preliminary results, announcements of related conferences, full articles and other documents of interest. We are especially interested in publishing manuscripts about ongoing research about such issues as strategies for implementing a single global currency, the possible organizational design of the global central bank, and how "shocks" might be addressed within a global monetary union.

    Submissions in these categories will be reviewed as rapidly as possible by a member of the Editorial Board. Accepted notes, documents, papers, etc. will be published online immediately. At the end of each half-year, a new issue of the Journal will begin.